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Here are some Testimonials by customers. If you have a story to tell, send it to us here!

Dear Mike:

Just a note of appreciation for the outstanding job that you did in the construction repair phase of the Quiznos Sub in Grass Valley.

Your pride in craftsmanship, attention to detail, and speed of construction are all excellent. Your equipment and crew are among the best. Your knowledge and experience, combined with the flexibility and commitment to please, along with a reasoned and reasonable price makes working with you a pleasure.

I will certainly use you and your crew for any other construction issues, including the construction of our new franchise when a proper site is located.
Yours truly, Paul Jechura, President Quiznos Sub, Grass Valley

To all those looking for a good contractor:

First, some background. We purchased this 11-year-old house knowing it "needed work". After three years, we appreciate just how much reconstruction, renovation, and remodeling we bought. Changing horses (general contractors) in midstream, we are grateful to have chosen Mike Haemmig and company.

With limited capital, we had major work left to do:replacing shearing on the house
installing cement fiber board
designing and reconstructing front porch and back deck
new shingles for the roof
sheetrock (two floors)

not to mention electricity and plumbing, constructing a well house, and on and on. We were willing to pitch in and contribute "sweat equity" as much as we could. We needed a contractor willing to work flexibly with us for months if not years.

From the get-go, Mike Haemmig's company proved a perfect match for us. Open, honest, cooperative, Mike worked with us. He respected that this was our house, our money, and ensured we received commensurate value for dollars spent. Just as importantly, Mike maintains excellent relationships with a cadre of subcontractors he can call upon or recommend. Each one of those who worked on our house performed reliably and competently.

Ideal for do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) like us, Mike did not hesitate to share creative ideas or give advice when asked. Nonetheless, he has always left us the final choice, with no pressure to decide one way or the other. For tasks we undertook ourselves, Mike would willingly provide guidance, even a hands-on lesson or two, to get us started. Given our experience to date, we actually look forward to working this job with Haemmig and Company for the couple more years it will take us!

Alan Donelson & Gaetane Courchesne

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